My Impact in my reflection

Throughout my life I have lived, I have experienced, I have dreamt, I have imagined, I have traveled, I have gone on life’s journeys. Through all of these things I have learned, I have grown and I have developed; not only developed myself but developed friendships and loves.  It is with observation that I have witnessed many things good and many things bad.  It was through all of these moments though that I had many specific individuals at my side or acquired more along the way.  It is true there may have been many solo missions along the way but those come along with strength.  Strength that I have developed within.  Strength that I acquired by the support of others.  Hurdles I have overcome, some that seemed as high as the clouds in the sky; others that were no larger than a puddle.  It is here that I saw my impact in my reflection, as I was not just observing everything around me, I was also observing myself as well.  Keeping a catalog of events in my head, perusing my memories trying to put everything in its proper place, trying to remember an event, a conversation, a smile from end to end.  It was the working of my mind though, this is how it was, like a giant library.  Everything was organized, in its proper place but for some reason certain things stuck out.  They glisten, they provoke my thoughts, they create more wonderment.  This includes animate and inanimate things; things full of life and things full of nothing but simple mass.

Why is this?  How does it all fit?  Why can I not escape them?  Not that I am trying to but what does it all mean?  Where do these odd, unique pieces fit?  What am I missing in this equation?