My entire life I have been first a Child, then a Big Sibling, now a Aunt/Uncle.  I have done nothing but try to lead by example as I was taught and told.  No, I am not perfect and no one is, and at times I, as anyone else, have even wavered.

I grew up striving to be as neutral as possible, ‘Switzerland’, they would call me; as I witnessed the craziness that ensued in broken relationships from my elders and their lack of communication, lack of knowing how to communicate openly and lack of understanding one another’s perspectives.  I learned that people are who they are, there is no changing old ways or personal beliefs. I learned that some people don’t know how to accept and continue on in life without gossiping or spreading the differences they may have with another individual which imposes their own personal negativity with one on another soul.  I learned that it is a continuous cycle of darkness when people continue to invade other peers thoughts with their belief.  I learned that when a person disagrees with someone else it is best to keep that private between those two individuals; it should never be made public as it is not fair to skew an individuals composite image amongst others.  I learned that the golden rule is the way I would strive to live my life and will continue to do so in the future, one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.  Life at times is reciprocal, it is full of Karma.  I learned that there is indeed learned behaviour, I learned that in order to change this one must break the cycle; in order to break the cycle one must look at themselves and focus on mending their own soul first then pushing ahead to be a leader in disrupting the negative cycle.  I learned that not everyone has the strength to take a close look into their own life, nor do they have the strength to acknowledge their very own flaws at times.  Some, many, chose to look away and not take a positive lead but instead shut out individuals based on minor disagreements.  I learned that there are very few diamonds out there but when you find them it is good to hold them close and dear.  I learned that things cannot be changed in a day, nor a week and sometimes it may even take years; at times though some people are too blind to realize what they have right in front of them and pass up a lifetime of happiness because they would rather focus on the negative aspects that surround them.   Once focused on negative aspects additional negativity is soon to follow and just becomes a dark rhythm of events that continue in an endless sequence, infinite.  

Additionally, my other greatest influence, Dr. Seuss.  “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”  These words have had an even greater influence on my decisions and direction.  No one should live life pretending and no one should live their life as they think others would like to view it.  I learned, though, that being myself and living the way I may choose or even just being me is one of the things I am proud of, what you see is what you get, I have nothing to hide, I am an open book and do not mind.  The problem is not everyone understands or can accept, nor can they be cheerleaders as they are not happy themselves, so how could they be happy for someone else?  It is finding your very own happiness that is a necessity in keeping things moving in a positive direction and on a good path. Yes, it is easy to take a wrong turn, but it is also just as easy to accept the fumble and correct it back.  Sometimes it may take some help, everyone needs help, not everyone wants to ask, the first step in correcting your personal adventure of life at times is recognizing and seeking guidance.  We learn daily from simply reading an article to having a simple conversation; although much of our learning is from our very own observation.  It is what we choose to take in and utilize in our own future life endeavors, that makes us who we are.  We can make our own decisions to push further ahead or we can allow things to go by, it is up to us to make our life what it is.  Another Seuss quote, 

“You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself 

any direction you choose. 

You’re on your own. 

And you know what you know.

And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go….”

It is what we learn that allows us to take ourselves in any direction we so choose.  No one can stop you, no one can take you; it is up to you.  No matter how you may view yourself, it is you that creates yourself.   You can chose to take direction and listen to your elders, your peers, your friends, your family, your teachers, the list goes on and on.  Make your own decisions in your own life, whether you are unsure if it is right or wrong you will never know if you don’t at least try. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  Improvise, correct, get back on course, don’t live in fear, don’t hide, don’t run, be proud and say this is what I did and live without regrets.  Continue to sculpt your life, mold it, create it; not a single piece of art is perfect, there is no perfection; everything has a flaw whether it’s a smudge, a scratch or a break it is bound to happen.

it is never permanent……..a goodbye.

It’s been a year as we all learn to live with less fear; the tears may keep rolling but life must keep going as we now know it; it may be rough but it is what truly makes us tough; looking ahead things may not be what we were to expect but it is what we now have been fed, a life with one less had created quite the mess but it can turn around for us to make the best- we can- with the love at hand and the continuous support we receive to help with the new found hurt; life may seem short but it is not our choice to abort the path that we were given but instead for us to learn that this can change for the life’s mathematical equations will always leave us feeling the abrasions; these too shall heel it is just a matter of us learning to deal; keeping the faith that put us in this place, enduring while keeping a smile on our face; it may be difficult but nothing can change with the way it was built other than to continue to grow and make sure we show- our love- that will always be in our hearts no matter when another may depart, it is what we were given that must keep us driven; looking back saying goodbye was not what was ever expected and kept us shy from showing our inner thoughts as we watched and fought- to keep you strong and keep you alive I never thought it would be such a quick dive, into the realm of darkness it is you that brought that spark guiding us into the brilliance of the illuminating light as you continued to fight- a long fight it was until the  time it was for you to spread your wings and take flight; that night was still and lead us with our power and our will to continue and get past although it will last it sure has departed quite fast; the year was full of new blooms while also creating obstacles to send us by and zooms.  We continue to grow and continue on this ride of life but nothing can ever fill the emptiness of one less, instead one can find comfort in knowing that you are there to guide-  help us maneuver onto the next adventure as we continue to lose time, as that time departs and every new day starts, it is just another step closer of being where we want to be, I know that you will see and I will never forget your words, you continue to cheer and I hear it loud and clear.