The imprint of your imagination

The mind is a powerful thing.   This makes our imagination just as powerful.   Sure we may daydream, get lost in our thoughts, think on things but the product of our thoughts and our imagination is what allows for an imprint to be conveyed.

As an artist, creator, designer, innovator, explorer; it is the imagination that gives us the power to pursue our goals; thus combined with the talent to transform those thoughts into real time is even more powerful.  It is a good thing to be able to dive into the depths of your imagination and harness those thoughts; it is an even better thing to be able to know how to convey those images or thoughts with a medium of choice.

Combining the strength of your mind and having the ambition and/or strength to scream those thoughts out via various forms to make an imprint is rewarding and at times, can be difficult.   There are times that things just won’t align.   Syncopation may occur; as we know there is rhythm in everything.  There is movement.   Take a look at a piece of artwork or an sculpture; your eyes will travel, there is a focal point but there is that movement that brings you there.  Piet Mondrian.  He believed in the rhythm of art.  He took notice of color placement, shapes; the way they would affect your view of an overall piece.   It’s true.   At times syncing our thoughts to our hands can be difficult, the slightest of change in positioning can ultimately change the thought that you are trying to replicate.

What do we do? We adjust.  That adjustment of that variable has now become something different, it has brought a different piece of life.  Now our thoughts are moving elsewhere and fast.  Developing. Analyzing.  Observing. Translating. Understanding. This piece that was born in our imagination—it is continuing to grow in our mind. Changing rapidly.  Becoming bigger.  More brilliant.   Building. Building.  Consuming.  Generating.  Use this color instead of this.  Put this line here.   Change this font.  Rotate this.  Drop this brush stroke here.  Round that corner more.  Apply more heat.  What if I were to add another layer?  It continues,  this mind of ours, that gives us this imagination of ours—well that is where our imprint comes from. This is where our masterpieces are born.  Feed your mind, give it more to think on.   Continue to absorb information, at some point all that info you have there…..will connect and allow you to create bigger and better things, more than you can imagine at this moment.

Think about that.  At this moment, you cannot imagine further than you have without growth; our imaginations grow as we grow. Expose your mind, witness, learn, read, play, continue this on repeat.  Most of all be brave, explore the depths, you never know what you may produce.  

Be confident.  Observe.  Listen.  Understand. Create. Grow.  Continue to grow………never stop growing.  Let your imagination take you.





“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”  — Dr. Seuss



My Impact in my reflection

Throughout my life I have lived, I have experienced, I have dreamt, I have imagined, I have traveled, I have gone on life’s journeys. Through all of these things I have learned, I have grown and I have developed; not only developed myself but developed friendships and loves.  It is with observation that I have witnessed many things good and many things bad.  It was through all of these moments though that I had many specific individuals at my side or acquired more along the way.  It is true there may have been many solo missions along the way but those come along with strength.  Strength that I have developed within.  Strength that I acquired by the support of others.  Hurdles I have overcome, some that seemed as high as the clouds in the sky; others that were no larger than a puddle.  It is here that I saw my impact in my reflection, as I was not just observing everything around me, I was also observing myself as well.  Keeping a catalog of events in my head, perusing my memories trying to put everything in its proper place, trying to remember an event, a conversation, a smile from end to end.  It was the working of my mind though, this is how it was, like a giant library.  Everything was organized, in its proper place but for some reason certain things stuck out.  They glisten, they provoke my thoughts, they create more wonderment.  This includes animate and inanimate things; things full of life and things full of nothing but simple mass.

Why is this?  How does it all fit?  Why can I not escape them?  Not that I am trying to but what does it all mean?  Where do these odd, unique pieces fit?  What am I missing in this equation?