Glass Ripples

We hear it time and time again… one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes.

I think we can all agree?  We have all made mistakes.  As much as we would like to think we are as flawless as a calm day on the lake, we are not.  Even that ‘smooth as glass lake’ has ripples hidden somewhere—everyone does.  It is just a matter of uncovering them; spotting them either within ourselves or with the help of others pointing them out.

This doesn’t mean making those tiny ripples into waves.  This means ever so delicately helping to smooth, calm those ripples.

It can be intricate work and sometimes we are not strong enough to do it on our own, sometimes you may need the aid of one, not several.

What happens when several rush into the lake all at once?  Waves are created.  So why is it one ripple that may make a blemish needs to be shared with all?

Sharing a ripple with multiple doesn’t make things better, it just continues to create more and more ripples until one day that one ripple comes back  pounding down as a rogue wave on everything including that initial pebble that caused that minor ripple.

Now where did that get you?  Everything is drowning because you have chosen to make waves.