guide my feet…..

As this day comes down and I work to not frown but instead keep that promise by wearing that smile even thru the tears- that may be washing away as these memories begin to fade and I cannot let it go completely away as it helps me get thru each and every day; my life began with a strong man by my side who I tried to keep up with in stride, until one day I ran away and learned that I was faster and could finally take the reigns for my own because it was that day that all made sense of everything that he had shown; it is with fondness that I broke out of my modest shell as he guarded me but built me to be one of my own; he wanted nothing but happiness for these feet and for me to take off in the streets and build my confidence with nothing but my imagination to continue to grow and that brilliance he said I had, maybe he was right I need to never give up the fight and continue to look to develop things that are out of sight.

I know you are keeping watch.

keep up & enjoy the ride

If you can keep up with me and want to come, then smile and enjoy the ride.  I will enjoy the company.  If you or I have to sit it out; then we best be smiling for one another.

This is how life should be lived.

Live it as you want to, not as how someone else would like you to. Keep good company near.  Listen to yourself and express it!  Those that appreciate you for you will be your greatest cheerleaders. There will be no limitations as you are the one in control.

I am a person that is responsibly spontaneous; it is how I live.



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