running in daydreams

you think I am just a troll but the reality is I am a lady with the mind of a city—creative, kickin’, comin’ straight from the beginnin’

continuing to keep the reality without giving in to the surreality as I don’t understand this state that we have ended up in;  I just want it this weekend, I just want us to be able to speak again; no exterior views as they tend to allow our minds to skew; we must keep them clear and I must face and have less fear; how can you fall again when there is no focus as you are clouded with smoke and mirrors to reflect the light and help us both be less slight; I don’t want to fight, I would rather make this right than have the spite; there is no reason to keep make believin’, it is true that I daydream but where else am I to go to and be with my own; it is here I find my rhythm to continue to create and be without block as these images of mine are not stock; I keep my thoughts here as they allow me to steer through the bullshit while keeping myself fit to life as I don’t want to just keep sit; it is better to walk than to live this life with no talk; you hide it all and then wonder why I was not there to catch your fall—it was your weakness that could not be masked by the sweetness of the nothings that roll but did not mean some things were to happen just off the tongue as if it were to be done; contrary to your belief that stride is imaginary and speaks of the tea leafs that are still sitting in the bag without looking at the future it couldn’t be much clearer; enough of this hocus-pocus I deserve to continue to live my life with my own focus and reach my goal as I will be in the position I earn all on my own; wearing  my smile I will continue to walk for the longest mile as I ran around that track without ever looking back; only ahead until I see that line then I will know it is my time.