The possession of happiness

It is true that misery loves company; it may also be true that those who speak negatively are in a negative place themselves and may not understand happiness.  It is with failure, defeat and loss that one can only start to find or understand or see happiness.
It is with failure, loss and defeat that one can overcome and seek their happiness.
You gain strength from losing and with this you may find more happiness.  As you search for happiness in life you may suffer (encounter) defeat, failure and loss but it is with this that brings you great strength;  strength that can give you the opportunity to achieve that happiness that you once sought.  The happiness you have always had in your possession, the happiness that we all have;  it just needed to be polished like a rock to uncover the true gem of it all.
 Never give up on the pursuit for when you do you may lose more than you have to give.